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Precautions when using feed pelletizer

November 19, 2021

Latest company news about Precautions when using feed pelletizer

Feed pelletizer tends to be widely used. However, due to the design defects, improper maintenance and use of feed processing equipment, the feed raw materials contain hard impurities, especially metals, minerals and other impurities, which bring security risks to the use of feed processing equipment. The safety accident that appears in using process according to understanding, talk about the precaution measure of the commonnest safety hidden trouble next.

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The flywheel lacks a safety cover

Flywheel lack of safety cover, in the work of careless or emergency handling accidents, easy to staff clothing into high-speed rotation of the belt, will also make the foreign body falling on the belt with high-speed belt swing to the staff on the spot, causing unnecessary injury.

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The feeding port bearing length is unreasonable

Due to the unreasonable length, the automatic feeding machine transmission of raw materials containing metal, especially iron impurities, such as screws, gaskets, iron and other feed quickly into the crusher, light is broken screen, hammer, or directly breakdown of the body, causing a direct threat to the safety of staff.

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Small material entrance without dust cover

Small material mouth is put into some of the more subtle raw materials, such as mineral additives, vitamin additives, before these raw materials into the blender, it is easy to appear dust is absorbed by the human body, long-term large inhalation will cause chest tightness, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, serious will affect the health of the body.

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Preventive measures

In view of the above situation, feed Pelletizer can obtain good results by using the following methods in addition to various security checks and personal protection before starting the machine. Add good quality protective cover can effectively avoid accidental injury, lengthen the loading plate length of the feeding port to 80 cm ~100 cm, and add a row of suction stone below the loading plate from the feeding port about 40 cm, can effectively prevent damage and danger caused by iron impurities into the crusher. In the small material inlet high about 30 cm ~40 cm place with half of the closed cover plate, so that it can be convenient to add a large number of raw materials, such as fish meal, stone powder, etc., but also to prevent the diffusion of dust.

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